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Piazza D'Oro

Experience espresso that tastes as good as it looks

Piazza D’Oro’s high quality espresso beans now comes in new-look packaging designed to make the Piazza D’Oro experience an even more distinctive treat. Enjoying coffee at its best is an all-round sensory encounter. Piazza D’Oro provides complete satisfaction by combining superb taste, irresistible aroma and stylish looks with excellent customer service.

A fresh look at the genuine espresso experience

From its range of distinctive blends through to its innovative packaging design, responsible sourcing and optimal customer support, Piazza D’Oro provides you and your customers with a truly genuine, high quality espresso experience.

Piazza D’Oro uses superior quality Arabica and Robusta beans from around the world, continually assessing them to ensure the highest quality is maintained throughout our broad range of premium coffees. Offering you a genuine espresso experience, every time you taste it.

Consistently exceptional blends

Piazza D’Oro Espresso premium coffee blends are consistently exceptional, each with its own distinctive character. From delicate, yet complex to rich, full-bodied dark roast, these carefully blended and slowly roasted coffees have been especially developed to bring out the nuances in taste that emanate from different regions.


Piazza D'Oro Amabile

The rich and full-bodied aroma of Amabile will delight time and time again with a lively character and mildly fruity tones: a special blend made for taller cups of perfect, piston-brewed Café Crème.

Piazza D'Oro Dolce

Discover the smooth and balanced appeal of Dolce, an exclusive blend with a velvety, mellow taste: perfect for a subtle Café Crème, yet an inspired choice for a smooth Cappuccino or Café Latte.

Piazza D'Oro Forza

Strong Forza is a full-bodied blend with a refined aroma and chocolaty overtones: for the ultimate Ristretto or Espresso and a solid foundation for a Cappuccino, Macchiato or Café Latte.

Piazza D'Oro Estremo

Extra-dark roasted Arabica beans power Estremo, an intense espresso blend with slightly sweet notes: ideal for a powerful Ristretto and Espresso and the secret behind a Café Crème with character.

Piazza D'Oro Intenso

Powerful, well-balanced Intenso combines a deep espresso character with a gentle spicy-sweet aftertaste: a favorite blend for a superb Ristretto or Espresso and an intense start for specialty drinks.


Branded Extra's

Make every coffee encounter a completely fulfilling experience with Piazza D’Oro espresso porcelain and other stylish items.

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